Simple HTML and CSS: What if it was 1999 and I was developing a site to show my friends? This is what it might look like! It uses only bare bones HTML and CSS.

HTML Simple Site

Front End Frameworks: Here is a Bootstrap site with HTML and CSS site with a little java added in for a fictional restaurant called the Katy Steak House.

Katy Steak House

Wordpress Websites: Here are two sites I maintain, one for my writing and another on health and aging.



Data and Analytics - I completed IBM's Data Science Professional Certificate Program and created this project for the final. The goal was to use data to disciver the best place to open a new Texas based grocery store chain, called HEB, in Manhatton.

HEB Expansion to New York City

Python Games - These four games were built in the dev environment used by Rice University called CodeSkulper so the will run in a brouser.

Note that these games can’t be played on a mobile device since they rely on keyboard input and they also won’t play using IE. A desktop computer is mandatory and the Chrome browser is recommended.



Black Jack

Memory Game

Java Projects

Tommy's Drinking Game

Radio Drops Sound Board

jQuery Projects - jQuery is a java library that makes it easier to manipulate the DOM with java. These two projects use java to play a popular game called Simon, and I added components so one could use it to play with playing cards. It's easy to get to Level 10 in four color Simon, but see if you can do it with 13 playing cards!


Card Counter

Backend Integrations

API Project: API MailChimp Newsletter - This is a simple integration to the MailChimp API that allows for an email newsletter sign up.

API Project: API Open Weather Look Up - This site integretes with OpenWeatherMap API to look up the weather in the inputed cities.

Calculators - This app uses node.js and express.js to perform basic calculators on the server side.

To Do List - This little app keeps a check off list of things to do and pulls in the date.